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Thursday, December 11, 2008

That's A First

At the night of December 11, 2008, Houston was surprised with a snowfall. I say surprise because we normally don't snow up here. For 8 years residing in the city, last night was my first snow. Not that I've never seen snow before. Yes, I did and it was at the mountains of the State of California. And that was 8 years ago, when we just first got here in the United States.

Anyhow, somone else seemed to enjoy the snowfall lastnight. My son, Sage was so thrilled when I let him out running in the front yard to enjoy the snow. He was going wild, running like a mad bull under the cold, frosty weather. I am so glad that he gets to experience this in our own city. Because it doesn't usually snow up here, some people tends to travel to the west coast to see some snow. Well, it was a lucky night for many houstonians and we won't probably see it again for many years.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Under The Weather

It's inevitable that as soon as you hear others coughing, sniffling, and sneezing, you think you're next. It all started when Sage caught up with colds last week. Monday night didn't help him when he begged to stay a little longer in the tub and the very same night, Sage coughed his way up to bed. Poor little child and who knows where he got it from. It could be coming from anything, but the only thing I could think of right now is him being so friendly with our puppy, Blitzen. He likes to share his toys with the puppy and as a toddler, he puts everything in his mouth. Being the only person with Sage all day, everyday, it is possible that I've gotten the colds from him.

It's not the worst thing but it's not the good thing either to be sick like this. It restricted me from doing anything, especially Black Friday shopping this year. Of all things, shopping is one the best things I love to do on earth and it felt really different to not being able to do it, especially good deals were out there for grabs. But I came to think of it that I don't need anything. My husband told me that I bought things for myself that three people could use, that I don't even used them at all. And you know what, he was right. And when he said that, It helped me a little better feeling sad about not able to shop on Black Friday.

Nonetheless, I was able to put up our christmas tree on Thanksgiving night, despite of the condition I am in these days. A huge "thank you" goes to my parents for keeping Sage for us. It's the best time to do something like this without our 2 year old son in the house. Someday, he can help momma setting up the tree and I'm sure he would love it. I took few shots of our christmas ornaments. These are old, same ones we used last year. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lights Up for Christmas

Christmas 2007 - Duerr Residence, Most Traditional

Giving and receiving gifts are the most wonderful things on earth during the christmas season. But the most I love are the christmas lights. Last year, we were one of the few who were given awards by the homeowners club for dressing up our lawn. Nothing says Christmas like a house all aglow in white mini lights, that's why we decided to light up the whole house last year... It really made me feel good just by looking at the lights...We got home one night and saw a sign on the front yard that said " Most Traditional." Having given the award, felt really great and rewarding considering that people recognized the effort, time and not to mention the money we invested on christmas decorations. For our house, It took 3 full days to have the house completely dressed with white lights. It was all worth it... In a few weeks from now, we will have the wonder of lights workin' up again for this year's holiday season. But all that will be done after an electrician will come and check few of our outlets that needed to be changed. Last year, we have hundreds of lights working around the house that some of our outlets are now unfunctional. The circuit breaker needs to be checked or we might have to get a new one this time because I just bought more lights and more outdoor decorations today... I can't believe I just did, I don't even have anymore space in the storage that we were renting for almost two years now. But checking the breaker is the first thing to do, I want to make sure that I will not go overload of elecrtical power this time. I hope this christmas will be as good as last year.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama, A Celebrity Around the Globe

After a year-long race, a historical and an overwhelming victory was witnessed by billions of people around the world. Talking about from Japan to Hawaii, from Rome to Baghdad, the world is watching Obama sparked the night of Tuesday, November 4, 2008. Having earned 349 electoral votes, Obama will be the 44th, yet the 1st African-American President of this great country. The dream of every single African-American is now realized when Obama was announced the winner against republican candidate John McCain. No one can deny that 100% of theses people have supported the new president. Overjoyed by the victorious win, many supporters of Obama got emotional. Children and adults, specially the African-American group are overly happy about the victory that some of them have shed their tears of joy. These people are obviously looking forward to a better future with this man they have chosen to govern the country. Who doesn't? Everyone is after about the good future for our country but is this really going to happen with Obama? Is United States of America ready for him? Was Barack Obama born to do this? Well, he's got 4 years to prove it and fulfill every promises he dared to give to these people. On the lossers side, my father-in-law was not very happy of the result at all and I know he's not the only one out there. I am not a political person myself, but I would say let's give the new president a chance to rule this country and when he fails, then we can say "I TOLD YOU SO..." Some quoted Obama "the perfect man for the country" this has got me to be anxious about and I can't wait how this "s0-called-perfect-man" will perform. As I said, he's got the next four years. And by the way, there is no such thing as PERFECT! Congratulations President elect Obama! All my respect to you!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Golden Man

Time flew so rapidly fast and even up to this very day, I refuse to accept that my dad is officially 50 years old. Not that he shouldn't be getting old, but he just doesn't look old to be a 50 year- old man. Now, that he has reached the golden years of his life, does that mean that he'll soon grow gray hair? I could not imagine my dad having those dark hair turn into gray. I wonder what he would look like when that time comes?
So, anyway, we gave him a big and a memorable party right from the comfort of his own backyard. Guests after guests arrived as the party was going on. Dad wore a big smile all night that goes all the way up to his ears. We had a long table of Filipino dishes, two delicious mocha cakes and more sweet course for everyone that night. We had too much food leftover, that all of our guests were happy to take home some of it. Having more food is better than not having enough for your guests. It was a nice way to end the party that way because I believed that when our guests left the party, they talked nothing but how successful the party was and how great the fact that they got to take home the food that will last them days without cooking. *wink*

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Arr... Said The Pirate.

Friday night was a whole lot of fun for us going trick or treating around the neighborhood with our little pirate, Sage. Yes, as the mother, I decided that Sage was going to be a pirate this year's halloween. I was so relieved and happy when the costume came on the mail just few days before halloween, but the feeling didn't last that long. Just as we were about done dress rehearsing the pirate, a complain from the toddler himself was heard "mommy no this"... "no more pirate"... Bang! Bang! sounds like a shotgun fire to my eardrums. I can't believe what I was hearing! I was scared to death that he was not going to wear it on halloween night. Need not to mention the rushed shipping cost for the items(pirate costume and the pirate treat bag) so it would make it in time for halloween. I feared that the money spent was all for nothing. I feared that he's gonna blow it and left me all upset. Yet, luckily and thankfully things didn't end up that way as I thought it would be. I had this plan before halloween came: to make sure he gets his afternoon nap, so Sage won't get so cranky and moody, and boy, did it ever worked! yay, I felt really damn good! I felt like the happiest warm blooded human in the universe! Sage looked so adorable that night and I am sorry I can't deny that. Sometimes, people thinks that we tend to get bias when it comes to our own children. But he did look good... we got a lot of attention on the streets and from every houses that we wen to. The costume was a big hit in the neighborhood and so was his little pirate treat bag. One thing was fun, everytime Sage was asked "what did the pirate say" and Sage will say "ARR" with that cute scrushed up facial expression. And at the end of the night, we thought we had a really great halloween. I was really glad I made the right decision doing a lil' pirate makeover on my son. This time was a big difference from last years' that it is worth documenting... Have fun browsing through some of Sage's photos this halloween:

Sage on the runway!

got his boots on too!

the sad pirate, you know why? he's got the last
candy treasure on hand...

little make up

your neighborhood's pirate

the coolest pirate treat bag

and it's personalized!

Sage's long hair goes well with the pirate theme...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm back!

After many weeks of absence, now I'm back to blogging.... so, yay to that! Hurricane Ike left us many things to attend to, even going to the nail shop was impossible. We had to clear out our front yard after a huge oak tree fell on the driveway. Thank God, it didn't fell on top of our roof! Our fence in the backyard was damaged, we have power loss for two weeks, which was really frustrating! Think about two weeks of no power... can't even eat a decent meal because there was no cooking going on around the house because of power loss. It was that bad, but there was also the good side of it. The hurricane made us spent the whole time with my parents, which is about 45 minutes away from us. My parents loss of power lasted for 10 hours only during the Ike invasion. So, they called us over and we ended up vacationing under my parents' roof.
The exciting part I did after the hurricane, I get to read the Twilight series. I was really digging to read Twilight for so many months and Robin was really kind enough to bought me the books(four of them). Now, I have a problem... boo! I want to read it again! It was that good that even my self concious can't stop me! Waiting is the only thing I am capable of doing now and the wait is almost over. About a month to go, I am going to see the long-awaited and anticipated movie"Twilight", that everyone is excited about.
And Oh, my son, Sage has just turned TWO!!! it's unbelievable that time really flies so fast. We had a big successful party for the little one and the best part of it, he was really enjoying that time. I want to make a statement that first birthday and second birthday are comperable. His second birthday was a lot of fun in a way that the child is really understanding the moment that it is special. Special just for him.. This time, opening gifts are more meaningful and thrilling. I guess I would say, Sage is really growing, I mean getting older with a lot of sense.
Tomorrow will be a big day for Sage. Daddy is taking him to Rusk, Texas for a "Day out with Thomas." Sage is a huge Thomas guy and all you see around the house is about Thomas and his friends. It's going to be an exciting 2 and a half hour drive to Rusk. This is also Sage's first long trip, I may say. I am considering the 2hours and a half is already a long trip. So, we'll see how it goes for us tomorrow. Anyway, it's good to be back and start blogging again!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting to know you

this is a tag from Shabem. Thanks for sharing Bem!

* i love to sing

* i play the piano

* love going to church

* i am quiet, but easy to be with

* i hate our dogs in the house

* i have over 30 pairs of shoes

* i have over 20 pairs of jeans

* i love to collect designer handbags and sunglasses.

* starbucks' caramel macchiato is my favorite

* taco bell's beef baja chalupas are the bomb

* i love chicken alfredo and cajun pasta

* don't like ice cream and cakes that much

* i eat out every friday and saturday night with my husband and father-in-law

* i have season ticket to the baseball game

* gambling on horses is what i'm good at lately

* i will be finished in nursing school in two years (i'm crossing my fingers)

* i still read tagalog pocketbooks

* i am following a filipino drama series on ABS-CBN (Iisa pa lamang)

* i wish we have direct tv than comcast

* i have a digital SLR camera but don't know how to use it

* love to have my own donut shop or a panda express fast food

* i love my family to death

* thankful I met my soulmate, Robin

* grateful I have a wonderful son, Sage

* my father-in-law treats me like a princess

* i am saving money under our bed, hahaha

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sage and his manners

My little boy, Sage is only 22 months. And as young as he is, Sage is extremely doing well with his manners especially with other people. The basic "thank you, please, and I'm sorry" will come out of his mouth like automatic... And I remember teaching him only a few times, yet it's amazing how it instills in his young mind and knows how to use it the right way, like he really knows what he's doing. The other day he told me "mommy, say sorry" when I dropped a bottle. He knows he's done something wrong when he says, " I'm sorry, I did something! Hahahaha! it's funny but it truly melts my heart. This morning at church, he was at the baby's room because he can't sit still inside the worship hall. The older kids that were there have their crayons and coloring book with them, which was really smart move by their mothers because it made them sit still and quiet. Now, Sage wanted to get one of those crayons from these kids. Fortunately, one of the mothers lent him 3 crayons, that made him calm through out the morning. While he was sitting there coloring, he then said to the woman who gave him the crayons "thank you, people...." hahaha, I can't help it! It was again so cute especially coming out from Sage's mouth. He knows mommy, daddy, his auntie and uncles, his papa and mimi, his grandpa, and great grandma and those who are outside the family, he refers them as "people." That's where Sage's logic was coming from when he said "thank you, people" to that woman at church today. I am so proud of my little angel because he is really learning something. *wink*
I will end this entry with a clip of my husband and my son. I think Sage was about 19 months old in this video. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Welcomes the World

It was a mind-blowing opening ceremony ever! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that...

China opened the Olympics to the world last night with a spectacular show that the world would never forget. It was the most beautiful, most detailed, and most stunning performance I've ever watched on TV. According to my dad, it justified perfectly the purchase price of that new HD television in their living room. The Friday night show just fit the bill! The Chinese showed the world just the right definition of discipline, perfection, and good coordination. If you have watched the show, you know what I'm talking about... taking in everything from giant scrolls and a representation of the Great Wall formed by thousands of people, to astronauts drifting from the roof of the Bird's Nest stadium. It was also one of those moments where you just sit in your comfy sofa and you'll be like ohh and ahh on the costumes. It was definitely something that's hard to beat by the next Olympic host. Could London do better in 2012?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"The Story Book"

Our little Sage never stop amazes us every single day. It was just last week when i started reading books to him before bedtime. Well, I did try reading with him when he was younger but really paid no attention to it. Now, he is hooked on it and has been asking for a story since then. It's been three nights that Sage asked me to read him stories before he goes to sleep. Three hours ago, my son has to remind me when we were laying down the bed. He goes "mommy, story book." And I was like, "oh yeah, where is that book?" I was saying it in a way that I didn't really forget about the bedtime story. His favorite book right now is "The Going To Bed Book" by Sandra Boynton. The story is simple, short, and full of interesting pictures perfect for his age. He never gets enough from one book after another. Even during nap time in the afternoon, Sage demands for a story time. I guess it is a good thing that he is interested with books right now. I hope and pray that he would carry that interest towards reading as he grows. Sage is 22 months today and in no time, he's going to be 2! He is a little uncontrollable, but overall he is really doing well. Lately, he's been memorizing the United States Presidents. And to everybody's surprise, Sage has the first nine Presidents stored in the memory bank right now. Thirty-four more Presidents' name to go!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Lawn Man In The Block

Who would have thought that my husband will be the new guy mowing the lawn? After 3 long weeks of waiting for Jose, the regular lawn man who supposed to come and mow the yard every two weeks, Robin decided to buy a lawn mower, blower, and an edger to call our own. Aside being a teacher, Robin has another task to do. Meaning, that's less break he'll get on the weekend... will he last long as a new lawn man or will he pick up the phone and find a new Jose to do the yard work for him.... hahaha! I am so thrilled about this whole yard thing! Goodluck my dear Robin!

Friday, July 4, 2008

my 20-month-old's social and emotional development

These past few days was a little rough for me. My lil' Sage is, I think, is now on the stage of his life they call TTs(terrible twos). Oh, how I wished it did not exist with him, but unfortunately it does! For instance, the eukelele.... I want to talk about this because Sage and his first "baby guitar" as what I'd like to call it, are just amazingly inseperable things I have ever seen on earth! The first thing he mouthed off when he wakes up is "guitar" and the last thing he wants in bed with him is "guitar." No matter how hard I tried to explain it that the "guitar" cannot go to bed with him is just not good enough for him. No! there was the BIG NO!!!... Here is another sign of TTs that I am seeing right now. Sage is really good in insisting on doing exactly what you've told him not to do or throw himself down on the floor or throw his head back in a fit of temper if he doesn't get his way. I can't believe I am saying this, but his demands just alternately frustrate and amuse me. At times, he likely ask for something that he deosn't even want, just to see if he has enough power to get it. hehehe... so tricky little Sage! Am I in for a big trip? because I think I am in the midst of the so called TTs... Dear Lord, please give me enough strength and patience to deal with this.
On the other side, Sage is really developing and so grown up despite the fact of him, being the uncontrollable one these days. My little toddler likes to try on daddy's shoes and anybody's sandals in the house. By stepping, literally, into the shoes shows that he's aware he is growing bigger and that he wants to be just like daddy. I also notice him pretend playing with his stuffed animals, with the birds, and with our puppy Blitzen. He'll take over the parenting role by feeding his stuffed bear while I am feeding him. Sometimes, I see him put the pacifier on to the stuffed toys mouth. He likes to share his milk with the birds as well. He goes "bird milk bird milk" or say "bird car bird" when he gets a new toy car. It's funny to see him like this but at the same time it is undeniably so cute! Pretend play is just a great example of imitation and a sign that Sage is learning how to empathize with others.
My 20-month-old is very affectionate. He likes to give me and Robin a hug as we watch him play. Sometimes, while I was lazily laying on the couch watching tv, he would run up to me and say "kiss mommy" and after I gave him the kiss he would then say "thank you".... One night, in our bedroom, Sage was trying to let himself fall by the edge of our bed. Robin told him don't or you will get a booboo. first he attempted and then stopped...he then said, "okay daddy, okay mommy, Okay...." hahaha.... things like this make us forget the first part of this entry. Here is a video of Sage just before bedtime.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I know I have been off for a while. things have been rough lately. our 12 -year old dog, Kaiser passed away last week. it was really hard to take for my in-laws because the dog was their life. So this past monday, we drove down to Conroe, Tx to get a new puppy. In Kaiser's replacement, we now have a German short-haired Pointer and we named him Blitzen Axel Duerr. sounds like a human being, but that's how we treat our dog in this house. We call him "blitz" in short. things are getting a lil' better around the house since we had the new puppy. sage is getting used to having the puppy running around and actually, he has been pretty good with Blitz.

Summer time has been great so far. It is good to have Robin being home everyday. That makes Sage really happy as well. The kid loves daddy being home because he equates him as play and fun. what about mommy??? mommy is about nap, eat, and learning... it kinda bores him which I can't argue. I bet I wasn't happy myself about nap time and learning time when I was growing up.

Robin is looking for a new job on a different school district. He had an interview yesterday at the school where my mom teaches. and it went pretty well, says he. We are waiting for the decision and we are praying for that. This will be a big transition from teaching elementary to middle school. It will be a big change and a big challenge especially in dealing with older hard-headed kids. so, we will pray for that too if ever he gets the job.

In less than two weeks, I will be celebrating my 27 years of life. yikes! not feeling it... there will be no party, as what we have decided. mom's gonna be in Dallas in that week and my sister will be working night shift on that same week. who wants to have a birthday party without your mother and your sister? count me out! I hope Robin will take me out to dinner or shopping or something...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

keeping myself busy

Tonight, my parents are bringing back my son home. As we all know, Sage spends his every weekend at lolo and lola's house. My parents love having Sage and I don't mind it at all for them to have him over the weekend. I'm just glad my parents are always there to look after my son each weekend. it really allows me to do things with my husband (i know what you're thinking, lol....)!
I am proud to say that I did some chores around the house today. I mopped the floor and changed the window drapes as well. Our curtains been up for months, so I figured out it's about time to take them down and give 'em a bath, lol... I re-arranged the setting inside the house and gave it a different look, because it was really becoming a lil' mind-numbing. Refreshing my surroundings is my way of venting off stress, seriously. I am just hoping that Sage will be a lil' friendly especially with the fragile objects, which I know he'll probably won't...
What else??? Oh, Robin and I went out to the track and made some money. On the way home, we stopped by the oriental store to pick up a sack of rice and a pack of tofu. Few days ago, I've made a decision that shocked Robin and that is to abstain myself in consuming beef. I don't know how long this will last because I really like eating the meat! But when I saw how they kill the the poor animal on the kill spot, I can't help myself but feel sorry. I can tell you this much, it is disgusting and very inhumane thing to see...
After this entry, I'm going to give myself a bath as well, just like my curtains... imagine a track with a lot of people, smoking, and horses... that's how I smell like right now. yikes! Since I am expecting Sage to come home tonight, I want to get it done before he'll be home. Oh wait, I just remembered. I need to water my flowers on the front yard. With the Houston weather these days, my flowers are getting sooo dehydrated easy. 'till next time folks and have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Star is Born!

A young Filipino singer, Charice once again proved her singing prowess as she got two standing ovations for her performance with musician-record producer David Foster's discoveries for a benefit concert at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas last Friday, May 23rd.For the event entitled "David Foster & Friends" in front of an audience of almost 10,000, Charice sang a medley of Whitney Houston's hits- "I Will Always Love You" and "I Have Nothing". These songs are from the original sound track of "The Bodyguard" which was produced by Foster. "And I Am Telling You" is from the original soundtrack of "Dreamgirls", also produced by Foster.

Charice got two standing ovations. People cried during her performance, and she received loud cheers and applause after each song.Charice said in an interview after her performance that she was really happy and thrilled to be part of Foster's special show."Masaya lang po ako na biglaan po yung napabilang ako sa kanila, lalo na po sa Las Vegas. Mas maraming big stars ang nakasama ko like Mr. Andrea Bocelli. ( "I’m happy with this surprise that I’m one of the performers, especially in Las Vegas. I am with more big stars like Mr. Andrea Bocelli." )Sobrang bait na talagang after ng performance ko nakita ko nasa baba siya nag-stay. Akala ko kung ano ang meron, yun pala iko-congratulate niya ako parang di ako makapaniwala na sila ang kasama ko," Charice said. ("He (Bocelli) was very kind that after I performed, I saw that he stayed below. I thought of what’s in there, only to find out that he’s going to congratulate me. I couldn’t believe that I performed with them (the stars)." )"Basta parang nanaginip lang ako lalo na noong nakita ko 'yung program. Hello pinagitnaan ako ng big star Michael Buble at Josh Groban," Charice added. ( "It’s like I’m just dreaming more so when I saw the program. Hello I was in between big stars Michael Buble and Josh Groban."

Proudly Filipino,the 16-year-old belter said she was emotional after her performance."After ng performance ko, naiiyak ako. Hindi ko lang mailabas kasi may second song pa po pero talagang natutuwa ako na kahit po 'yung mga Amerikano nakikilala po nila ako. Tapos sinasabi nila na ako daw po yung best na nakita nilang may best performance," she said.("I cried after my performance. I couldn’t just let it out because I still have a second song but I’m really happy that even the Americans know me. And they said that my performance is the best among the other great performances.")"Proud po ako, Filipino po ako. Tapos natuwa ako na binanggit ko na taga-Pilipinas ako ang daming nag-chi-cheer nakaka-proud. Sana proud din sa akin ang kapwa Pilipino ko po," said Charice. ("I’m proud, I’m a Filipino. And I’m happy that I mentioned that I’m from the Philippines and a lot of people have cheered. I hope that my fellow Filipinos are also proud of me.")

As for David Foster, he does not have anything but good words for his new discovery -- Charice."Tonight, a star is born," Foster said."I had the great pleasure of being able to stand inside behind the stage when she was performing... she has a beautiful voice," Josh Groban said.During the cast party where no cameras were allowed, people, including the artists flocked to Charice. They were all hugging and congratulating her for a very wonderful performance.The caterer, famous chef Wolfgang Puck who saw the show with his wife could not get enough of Charice. Mrs. Puck said, "I want to be your mother from now on." Charice got a standing invitation from Wolfgang for free dinners with him and his wife every time Charice is in Beverly Hills.

Making Filipinos proud, Charice said she gives her best in every performance to make her fellow Filipinos proud of her."Iniisip ko lang po na ibigay ang best ko sa bawat performance ko, kahit sino ang kasama ko...para maipagmalaki ko sa mga nanonood na pwede din po akong isabay sa mga talagang batikang singers like mga idol ko," she said. ("I always thought to give my best in every performance, whoever sings with me… so that I can be proud to all viewers that I can also sing like the famous singers like my idols.")"Kaya binibigay ko ang best ko. Ito pong malaking oportunity na binibigay nila sa akin yun na po ang sinusukli ko sa kanila. 'Yung best performance ko na masasabi pong karapat-dapat ako sa binigay nilang opportunity." ("That’s why I’m giving my best. The great opportunity that they’re giving me, my best is what I gave back in return. The best performance that one could say I am deserving of the opportunities given me.")

Charice thanked all the people who had faith in her talent and gave her breaks to be recognized."Salamat sa lahat ng pinag-guest-an ko sa Oprah, sa Ellen DeGeneres sa Paul O' Grady siyempre David Foster," Charice said. ("Thank you to all who has invited me to guest in Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Paul O’Grady and of course David Foster.")Charice appeared in the Paul O’Grady Show in London, Tuesday, April 8 and on the Ellen DeGeneres show in December 2007.Last April 11, broke the story that she just finished taping a special episode for Oprah. Her special guesting with Oprah was aired May 12th.
a photo of charice and david foster@ Las Vegas

Monday, May 26, 2008

Goodbye Spring... Hello Summer!

It was Memorial Day and Robin was off from work when we had a lil' splashing activity in our backyard. Summer is not quiet here yet. But the weather in Houston makes us feel like it is already summer time. It's completely silly to admit, but it was our lil' boy's first time to play out in the backyard. We have our reasons why we never allowed him to play out there until yesterday. It was a fun and an amazing scene as I keenly gazed at Sage sprinting out in the water. He was lovin' the fact that he's finally limitless to play in a bigger space, and he was free to play with the water as well. I just wanted to remind all my readers that my son is only 19 months old, so he was a little dubious getting in the splash mat at first. It took daddy few efforts to really get him under the splashing water, but it didn't took Sage long enough to get used to it. We noticed that he mumbles a lot lately and his favorite sentence was "I scared." He was scared and at the same time, was having a great moment of his life scampering around our backyard like a mad dog. When do these two things go together? It just doesn't make sense to me, but I guess for my son it meant something. "Yucky" was another word he uttered yesterday. He denoted a bunch of left-over grass from a newly mowed lawn that was stuck on his legs. To him, it's unpleasant! I agree and my son has a point in that matter. It's funny that Sage is learning so much and uses words that I thought were bigger than him. Overall though, we had a blast and what a great activity for a Memorial Day!

They New Journey Has Begun!

The wait is finally over for the legendary band Journey. And who would have thought that the new lead singer of the band is a Filipino? Hailing from Quezon City, Phillipines, Arnel Pineda was welcomed with open arms as a new member by rockers Neal Schon (guitar), Jonathan Cain(keyboards), Ross Valory (bass), and Deen Castronovo (drums). AP(Arnel Pineda) used to sing in a band called Zoo and through posting amazing videos in youtube singing Journey songs, AP's discovery began from there. The new Journey will be releasing REVELATION, a three-disc CD/DVD in June 3 which will be available at Walmart stores. The band will be guesting in Ellen Degeneres show on Wednesday. I am not going to miss that! The most exciting part is, I am going to see AP in a live concert in July 26, 2008 here at the Woodlands Spring, Texas! you heard it right baby! Robin, me and friends are so excited to see him perform. I am so proud of Arnel not because he is a Filipino making other Filipinos proud, but because of his great talent that brought him to the limelight. Goodluck Arnel Pineda and keep making us proud of you!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

just another karaoke talent

Imagine life without music???
music is my life and without it, living is a zilch. My free time is about reading or singing. I don't sing good but I don't sing bad either. I don't know but I'll leave it up to you to do the critic. one of the things I'd love to do is "karaoke-ing... " this is my way of venting off stress and it works for me. Robin does the same thing. If not playing video games, you'll see him with a microphone in his hand. Let me share with you my karaoke moment. Notice Sage on the background.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

6 more days...

and school year will soon be over. It has not been decided yet if Robin's going to teach summer class, but my prayers are for him to do summer school. Why?... Simply because we need the money, so we can do something this summer. And talking about summer, Rob and I will try to have baby #2. I hope the Lord will give us one more because we are anxiously ready to have another one!
This weekend is going to be a lazy one. Nothing big and special about it except for the baseball game that I am looking forward to go on Friday night. And oh, I get to go to church this weekend. I guess that's something special, at least for me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

lil' brown boots

in my brown boots

in my brown boots

i stomp around in my brown boots

in my boots stomp, stomp

in my boots stomp, stomp

i stomp around in my boots...

Sage loves his brown boots that one night, he wanted to sleep with them.

You could only see how he hugs and cuddles his first boots.

My Mother's Day

Saturday, my husband told me that he'll take me to the Jewelry shop to get what I want for mother's day. I decided not to get really expensive, so I told him I am getting nothing. I don't really need any jewelry this time.. not just yet! So he moved his head in agreement and said, "Okay, I'll take that".

Sunday came, and it was Mother's Day and the whole world rejoiced! I am a mother, but it wasn't about me at all. I just didn't feel it! First of, my husband woke up that Sunday morning forgetting that it was mother's day. Second, I don't get any card from him, not even a damn cold electronic card. He's not a card/flower/balloon type of a husband anyway, so I kinda' expected that. But he used to send me electronic greeting cards on Myspace, yet not this time, baby. Not this time! I figured out he was really "too busy" to remember that. I won't deny, but it made me really sad. But sometimes, there are things that we need to throw out of the window just to avoid conflicts.

So, I left the house and the forgetful husband. Then I found myself at Kroger to buy my mom some balloons. That's the least I could do after Robin forgot about mother's day. On my way to my mother's, I decided to stop by the cemetery to visit my mother-in-law's grave site. I laid new flowers on the vase and I had a balloon tied around it.

At my mom's, I had a really good time. My sister was there and her husband. They brought my mother a chocolate cake, which was really yummy. My brother-in-law made a very good lunch for all of us there. At the end of the day, I felt really good because I got to spend a wondeful time with my mom. here she is cutting her cake.

I love you so much mom!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My First Words

Sage's vocabulary list has been stretched as he quickly learns new things everyday. These days, he says sentences that really amazed us. Like the other day, I put him on the tub to clean up his behind. I guess he didn't like being in a big tub and he immediately said "mommy, I scared! I scared!" And last night while I was giving him a bath, he told me "Oh, cold mommy" as he felt the water dribbled on him. I found it really cute because big words like that from him is like amazing! That only reminds me how amazing God is because he created me. Two nights ago, Sage and Robin did a lil' "classroom act". Robin raised flash cards and Sage did his part by telling us what's on the cards. He's doing quiet well with some of them and we are still workin' on getting him to learn about the shapes, colors, things that go, and things in the farm. I'd like to share a video clip of Sage and his first words.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Derby Updates

Derby is one of the many events the family considers special. Every year, the family goes to the track and enjoy the day while betting our favorite horses. So, this past Saturday was the 134th Kentucky Derby Run for the Roses. We hung a derby flag on the only Oak tree we have in the front yard. Derby day is not only about the horses but the ladies' hats as well. In addition to laying a bet for the horses, we decided to put entries for the derby hat contest held at the Sam Houston Race Park. I made both of our hats that took me 2 days to get them all together. Unfortunately, we weren't lucky to be chosen as a winner, because we didn't have the whole "get up". Besides creativity and time spent in hat making, which I believed we have, the judges seemed to be judging the contestants' dresses that matched their hats. I thought it was a hat contest, but I guess it wasn't. By next year, I will be smarter... but I am not sure being there again for the hat contest. Prizes are not worth-after, let me tell you that!

this is the hat I made for my husband, which he wore to the Derby.
He named his hat "Barbaro's Dream" in tribute to the late 2006 Kentucky Derby
winner Barbaro. That's Barbaro on top of the hat.

This is my "bird of paradise" hat... you like?

me at the Sam Houston Race Park for the Derby.

The Derby was a huge pay day to those who put money on the big favorite "Big Brown". I was the only one who believed on Big Brown in the family. My husband picked Pyro, and Colonel John was favored by my father-in-law. Coming from the 20th hole, fears and qualms played a big role in many peoples' minds. Can Big Brown win the race, was the biggest concern. Of course I was one of them, so I boxed the horse with other three horses to hit the board in any order. Regrettably, it didn't worked out the way I wanted it to be. I should have known, but that's the name of the game. That's why horse racing is such an exciting sports.

The victory of Big Brown was stained when the filly, Eight Belles broke her front ankles and was euthanized at the track after finishing second behind Big Brown. It was historic for Big Brown being the undefeated horse, who is aspiring to win the Triple Crown, yet the day ended poignant when Eight Belles has to be put down. It is sad to think for people who came out to the track and saw all that, it's got to make them think, "Man, why would I want to go out there and see that happen to a horse?" It's got to be very disappointing to anyone who loves horses. True… I remember watching my husband sobbed the other day as he watched a 6-second replay of Eight Belles falling down. I agree with the media for not focusing on Eight Belles on the ground. A very sad moment on a beautiful day for a horse race. She gave everything she had and what is expected of her including her life. A beautiful animal with this much heart deserves much than being put to death. May you rest in peace, Eight Belles...

31 cent a scoop night at Baskin-Robbins!

On April 30th, groups of all sizes and ages showed up and treated each other to a scoop.
And it was a big Wednesday night for our little angel, Sage. It was his first real ice cream treat at Baskin Robbins, as the store gave a special of 31cent a scoop. It was a great deal that numbers of customers flocked outside the store waiting to get in. Sage was so proud and happy as he dig into the cup of his first strawberry cheese cake ice cream. He also had a little share of mine and Robin that made him really stuffed that night. We left the ice cream parlor still packed and headed straight to the mall to let Sage play at the play land. It surprised us both because for the first time, Sage refused to play as he held on to his stroller. We tried to walk around the mall a bit thinking that he would changed his mind, yet the little tired boy won’t get off his stroller for the third time. I guess eating a scoop of ice cream could make a baby really full as young like Sage. I wonder if Sage dreamed about strawberry cheese cake that night??? Here are some of Sage's photos enjoying the night away as he devoured and gulped down this so-called frozen dessert made with cream!

All this for me? cool!
hmmm... yummy, yummy in my tummy, tummy!

sharing with daddy's ice cream cone.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He's back to work. Thank God!

Last week was pretty intense. My husband, Robin injured his back from jumping off the stairs. It sounds silly and stupid that he did it to entertain our 18-month old son. I'm sure there are other ways to play with Sage right now. He took 3 days off from work and one of those days was spent to visit the doctor. Thank God, he has gotten better with the medication they gave him and was able to go back to work on Thursday. When Robin was home and not being able to do anything, I felt like looking after two children. I had to fed him in bed that took about 45minutes, because he couldn't stand at all. I had to admit, he was worst to feed than the baby. Not that I don't like taking care of my husband, but I have never seen an adult acting like a baby. Sage, our beautiful and cute son is 18 months and I get my hands full with just him. One thing I was proud about Robin, his situation didn't stop him from playing with Sage. He couldn't say "No" to our cute little angel and still was able to do things with him. here is a video of Sage and Robin doing the "rock band thing." y'all might want to turn up your volume with this: