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Friday, May 9, 2008

My First Words

Sage's vocabulary list has been stretched as he quickly learns new things everyday. These days, he says sentences that really amazed us. Like the other day, I put him on the tub to clean up his behind. I guess he didn't like being in a big tub and he immediately said "mommy, I scared! I scared!" And last night while I was giving him a bath, he told me "Oh, cold mommy" as he felt the water dribbled on him. I found it really cute because big words like that from him is like amazing! That only reminds me how amazing God is because he created me. Two nights ago, Sage and Robin did a lil' "classroom act". Robin raised flash cards and Sage did his part by telling us what's on the cards. He's doing quiet well with some of them and we are still workin' on getting him to learn about the shapes, colors, things that go, and things in the farm. I'd like to share a video clip of Sage and his first words.

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