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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I know I have been off for a while. things have been rough lately. our 12 -year old dog, Kaiser passed away last week. it was really hard to take for my in-laws because the dog was their life. So this past monday, we drove down to Conroe, Tx to get a new puppy. In Kaiser's replacement, we now have a German short-haired Pointer and we named him Blitzen Axel Duerr. sounds like a human being, but that's how we treat our dog in this house. We call him "blitz" in short. things are getting a lil' better around the house since we had the new puppy. sage is getting used to having the puppy running around and actually, he has been pretty good with Blitz.

Summer time has been great so far. It is good to have Robin being home everyday. That makes Sage really happy as well. The kid loves daddy being home because he equates him as play and fun. what about mommy??? mommy is about nap, eat, and learning... it kinda bores him which I can't argue. I bet I wasn't happy myself about nap time and learning time when I was growing up.

Robin is looking for a new job on a different school district. He had an interview yesterday at the school where my mom teaches. and it went pretty well, says he. We are waiting for the decision and we are praying for that. This will be a big transition from teaching elementary to middle school. It will be a big change and a big challenge especially in dealing with older hard-headed kids. so, we will pray for that too if ever he gets the job.

In less than two weeks, I will be celebrating my 27 years of life. yikes! not feeling it... there will be no party, as what we have decided. mom's gonna be in Dallas in that week and my sister will be working night shift on that same week. who wants to have a birthday party without your mother and your sister? count me out! I hope Robin will take me out to dinner or shopping or something...

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