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Thursday, December 11, 2008

That's A First

At the night of December 11, 2008, Houston was surprised with a snowfall. I say surprise because we normally don't snow up here. For 8 years residing in the city, last night was my first snow. Not that I've never seen snow before. Yes, I did and it was at the mountains of the State of California. And that was 8 years ago, when we just first got here in the United States.

Anyhow, somone else seemed to enjoy the snowfall lastnight. My son, Sage was so thrilled when I let him out running in the front yard to enjoy the snow. He was going wild, running like a mad bull under the cold, frosty weather. I am so glad that he gets to experience this in our own city. Because it doesn't usually snow up here, some people tends to travel to the west coast to see some snow. Well, it was a lucky night for many houstonians and we won't probably see it again for many years.


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Shabem® said...

Hi Klaud,
Wala pa ko ka anha dihang dapita pero gi search nako ang resort murag an hour drive from Dallas.
How long pa mo diha? Happy Anniversary tuod diay!

LONGOFF said...

Yes I was at the airport in Houston on the night of the 11th Dec and everybody was so freaked about the snow...Cheers, nice post!