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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sage and his manners

My little boy, Sage is only 22 months. And as young as he is, Sage is extremely doing well with his manners especially with other people. The basic "thank you, please, and I'm sorry" will come out of his mouth like automatic... And I remember teaching him only a few times, yet it's amazing how it instills in his young mind and knows how to use it the right way, like he really knows what he's doing. The other day he told me "mommy, say sorry" when I dropped a bottle. He knows he's done something wrong when he says, " I'm sorry, I did something! Hahahaha! it's funny but it truly melts my heart. This morning at church, he was at the baby's room because he can't sit still inside the worship hall. The older kids that were there have their crayons and coloring book with them, which was really smart move by their mothers because it made them sit still and quiet. Now, Sage wanted to get one of those crayons from these kids. Fortunately, one of the mothers lent him 3 crayons, that made him calm through out the morning. While he was sitting there coloring, he then said to the woman who gave him the crayons "thank you, people...." hahaha, I can't help it! It was again so cute especially coming out from Sage's mouth. He knows mommy, daddy, his auntie and uncles, his papa and mimi, his grandpa, and great grandma and those who are outside the family, he refers them as "people." That's where Sage's logic was coming from when he said "thank you, people" to that woman at church today. I am so proud of my little angel because he is really learning something. *wink*
I will end this entry with a clip of my husband and my son. I think Sage was about 19 months old in this video. Enjoy!


Shabem® said...

I have a tag for you here!
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Shem said...

hahaha...Avani says "tik-ya" for thank you...She hasn't gotten the logic of saying SORRY...Can't wait for that to happen...