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Sunday, June 8, 2008

keeping myself busy

Tonight, my parents are bringing back my son home. As we all know, Sage spends his every weekend at lolo and lola's house. My parents love having Sage and I don't mind it at all for them to have him over the weekend. I'm just glad my parents are always there to look after my son each weekend. it really allows me to do things with my husband (i know what you're thinking, lol....)!
I am proud to say that I did some chores around the house today. I mopped the floor and changed the window drapes as well. Our curtains been up for months, so I figured out it's about time to take them down and give 'em a bath, lol... I re-arranged the setting inside the house and gave it a different look, because it was really becoming a lil' mind-numbing. Refreshing my surroundings is my way of venting off stress, seriously. I am just hoping that Sage will be a lil' friendly especially with the fragile objects, which I know he'll probably won't...
What else??? Oh, Robin and I went out to the track and made some money. On the way home, we stopped by the oriental store to pick up a sack of rice and a pack of tofu. Few days ago, I've made a decision that shocked Robin and that is to abstain myself in consuming beef. I don't know how long this will last because I really like eating the meat! But when I saw how they kill the the poor animal on the kill spot, I can't help myself but feel sorry. I can tell you this much, it is disgusting and very inhumane thing to see...
After this entry, I'm going to give myself a bath as well, just like my curtains... imagine a track with a lot of people, smoking, and horses... that's how I smell like right now. yikes! Since I am expecting Sage to come home tonight, I want to get it done before he'll be home. Oh wait, I just remembered. I need to water my flowers on the front yard. With the Houston weather these days, my flowers are getting sooo dehydrated easy. 'till next time folks and have a great week everyone!

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Shemmy said...

hahaha...Shalyn stopped eating beef a year ago and she's still firmly doing so...I could tell how much she's lost --- weight-wise...She's usually weak with that kind of stuff, but she did it...If she can, I'm sure you can too...Next thing you'll know you're a vegan --- hmm, don't really know about that...hahaha