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Monday, May 26, 2008

Goodbye Spring... Hello Summer!

It was Memorial Day and Robin was off from work when we had a lil' splashing activity in our backyard. Summer is not quiet here yet. But the weather in Houston makes us feel like it is already summer time. It's completely silly to admit, but it was our lil' boy's first time to play out in the backyard. We have our reasons why we never allowed him to play out there until yesterday. It was a fun and an amazing scene as I keenly gazed at Sage sprinting out in the water. He was lovin' the fact that he's finally limitless to play in a bigger space, and he was free to play with the water as well. I just wanted to remind all my readers that my son is only 19 months old, so he was a little dubious getting in the splash mat at first. It took daddy few efforts to really get him under the splashing water, but it didn't took Sage long enough to get used to it. We noticed that he mumbles a lot lately and his favorite sentence was "I scared." He was scared and at the same time, was having a great moment of his life scampering around our backyard like a mad dog. When do these two things go together? It just doesn't make sense to me, but I guess for my son it meant something. "Yucky" was another word he uttered yesterday. He denoted a bunch of left-over grass from a newly mowed lawn that was stuck on his legs. To him, it's unpleasant! I agree and my son has a point in that matter. It's funny that Sage is learning so much and uses words that I thought were bigger than him. Overall though, we had a blast and what a great activity for a Memorial Day!

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