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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lights Up for Christmas

Christmas 2007 - Duerr Residence, Most Traditional

Giving and receiving gifts are the most wonderful things on earth during the christmas season. But the most I love are the christmas lights. Last year, we were one of the few who were given awards by the homeowners club for dressing up our lawn. Nothing says Christmas like a house all aglow in white mini lights, that's why we decided to light up the whole house last year... It really made me feel good just by looking at the lights...We got home one night and saw a sign on the front yard that said " Most Traditional." Having given the award, felt really great and rewarding considering that people recognized the effort, time and not to mention the money we invested on christmas decorations. For our house, It took 3 full days to have the house completely dressed with white lights. It was all worth it... In a few weeks from now, we will have the wonder of lights workin' up again for this year's holiday season. But all that will be done after an electrician will come and check few of our outlets that needed to be changed. Last year, we have hundreds of lights working around the house that some of our outlets are now unfunctional. The circuit breaker needs to be checked or we might have to get a new one this time because I just bought more lights and more outdoor decorations today... I can't believe I just did, I don't even have anymore space in the storage that we were renting for almost two years now. But checking the breaker is the first thing to do, I want to make sure that I will not go overload of elecrtical power this time. I hope this christmas will be as good as last year.

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Shabem® said...

Congrats, well deserved gyud. Nice house!
Anyway, about atong sa imo question unsaon pag pa gwapa sa photos.
Naa kay photoshop? All I do really is adjust the color then lighten up if medyo dark. Ana simple editing lang. Pero if tama imo settings sa DSLR and has the right lens and then you don't have to worry sa sharpness.
Just keep practicing!