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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Arr... Said The Pirate.

Friday night was a whole lot of fun for us going trick or treating around the neighborhood with our little pirate, Sage. Yes, as the mother, I decided that Sage was going to be a pirate this year's halloween. I was so relieved and happy when the costume came on the mail just few days before halloween, but the feeling didn't last that long. Just as we were about done dress rehearsing the pirate, a complain from the toddler himself was heard "mommy no this"... "no more pirate"... Bang! Bang! sounds like a shotgun fire to my eardrums. I can't believe what I was hearing! I was scared to death that he was not going to wear it on halloween night. Need not to mention the rushed shipping cost for the items(pirate costume and the pirate treat bag) so it would make it in time for halloween. I feared that the money spent was all for nothing. I feared that he's gonna blow it and left me all upset. Yet, luckily and thankfully things didn't end up that way as I thought it would be. I had this plan before halloween came: to make sure he gets his afternoon nap, so Sage won't get so cranky and moody, and boy, did it ever worked! yay, I felt really damn good! I felt like the happiest warm blooded human in the universe! Sage looked so adorable that night and I am sorry I can't deny that. Sometimes, people thinks that we tend to get bias when it comes to our own children. But he did look good... we got a lot of attention on the streets and from every houses that we wen to. The costume was a big hit in the neighborhood and so was his little pirate treat bag. One thing was fun, everytime Sage was asked "what did the pirate say" and Sage will say "ARR" with that cute scrushed up facial expression. And at the end of the night, we thought we had a really great halloween. I was really glad I made the right decision doing a lil' pirate makeover on my son. This time was a big difference from last years' that it is worth documenting... Have fun browsing through some of Sage's photos this halloween:

Sage on the runway!

got his boots on too!

the sad pirate, you know why? he's got the last
candy treasure on hand...

little make up

your neighborhood's pirate

the coolest pirate treat bag

and it's personalized!

Sage's long hair goes well with the pirate theme...

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Shabem® said...

Oh he has grown so much and he looks so adorable. The cutest pirate ever he-he.. No wonder he gets the attention.
I love the costume!
My little guy is very picky and he always picked out his costume starting when he was 3 years old.
The first two years was the cutesy2x times.