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Monday, May 5, 2008

Derby Updates

Derby is one of the many events the family considers special. Every year, the family goes to the track and enjoy the day while betting our favorite horses. So, this past Saturday was the 134th Kentucky Derby Run for the Roses. We hung a derby flag on the only Oak tree we have in the front yard. Derby day is not only about the horses but the ladies' hats as well. In addition to laying a bet for the horses, we decided to put entries for the derby hat contest held at the Sam Houston Race Park. I made both of our hats that took me 2 days to get them all together. Unfortunately, we weren't lucky to be chosen as a winner, because we didn't have the whole "get up". Besides creativity and time spent in hat making, which I believed we have, the judges seemed to be judging the contestants' dresses that matched their hats. I thought it was a hat contest, but I guess it wasn't. By next year, I will be smarter... but I am not sure being there again for the hat contest. Prizes are not worth-after, let me tell you that!

this is the hat I made for my husband, which he wore to the Derby.
He named his hat "Barbaro's Dream" in tribute to the late 2006 Kentucky Derby
winner Barbaro. That's Barbaro on top of the hat.

This is my "bird of paradise" hat... you like?

me at the Sam Houston Race Park for the Derby.

The Derby was a huge pay day to those who put money on the big favorite "Big Brown". I was the only one who believed on Big Brown in the family. My husband picked Pyro, and Colonel John was favored by my father-in-law. Coming from the 20th hole, fears and qualms played a big role in many peoples' minds. Can Big Brown win the race, was the biggest concern. Of course I was one of them, so I boxed the horse with other three horses to hit the board in any order. Regrettably, it didn't worked out the way I wanted it to be. I should have known, but that's the name of the game. That's why horse racing is such an exciting sports.

The victory of Big Brown was stained when the filly, Eight Belles broke her front ankles and was euthanized at the track after finishing second behind Big Brown. It was historic for Big Brown being the undefeated horse, who is aspiring to win the Triple Crown, yet the day ended poignant when Eight Belles has to be put down. It is sad to think for people who came out to the track and saw all that, it's got to make them think, "Man, why would I want to go out there and see that happen to a horse?" It's got to be very disappointing to anyone who loves horses. True… I remember watching my husband sobbed the other day as he watched a 6-second replay of Eight Belles falling down. I agree with the media for not focusing on Eight Belles on the ground. A very sad moment on a beautiful day for a horse race. She gave everything she had and what is expected of her including her life. A beautiful animal with this much heart deserves much than being put to death. May you rest in peace, Eight Belles...

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