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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting to know you

this is a tag from Shabem. Thanks for sharing Bem!

* i love to sing

* i play the piano

* love going to church

* i am quiet, but easy to be with

* i hate our dogs in the house

* i have over 30 pairs of shoes

* i have over 20 pairs of jeans

* i love to collect designer handbags and sunglasses.

* starbucks' caramel macchiato is my favorite

* taco bell's beef baja chalupas are the bomb

* i love chicken alfredo and cajun pasta

* don't like ice cream and cakes that much

* i eat out every friday and saturday night with my husband and father-in-law

* i have season ticket to the baseball game

* gambling on horses is what i'm good at lately

* i will be finished in nursing school in two years (i'm crossing my fingers)

* i still read tagalog pocketbooks

* i am following a filipino drama series on ABS-CBN (Iisa pa lamang)

* i wish we have direct tv than comcast

* i have a digital SLR camera but don't know how to use it

* love to have my own donut shop or a panda express fast food

* i love my family to death

* thankful I met my soulmate, Robin

* grateful I have a wonderful son, Sage

* my father-in-law treats me like a princess

* i am saving money under our bed, hahaha

1 comment:

Shabem® said...

Women can never have enough shoes ha-ha.
Oh this is so cool. I still read tagalog pocketbooks as well. I have a dozen and read them again and again.
Thanks for doing the tag Claud!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.