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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Golden Man

Time flew so rapidly fast and even up to this very day, I refuse to accept that my dad is officially 50 years old. Not that he shouldn't be getting old, but he just doesn't look old to be a 50 year- old man. Now, that he has reached the golden years of his life, does that mean that he'll soon grow gray hair? I could not imagine my dad having those dark hair turn into gray. I wonder what he would look like when that time comes?
So, anyway, we gave him a big and a memorable party right from the comfort of his own backyard. Guests after guests arrived as the party was going on. Dad wore a big smile all night that goes all the way up to his ears. We had a long table of Filipino dishes, two delicious mocha cakes and more sweet course for everyone that night. We had too much food leftover, that all of our guests were happy to take home some of it. Having more food is better than not having enough for your guests. It was a nice way to end the party that way because I believed that when our guests left the party, they talked nothing but how successful the party was and how great the fact that they got to take home the food that will last them days without cooking. *wink*

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