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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Under The Weather

It's inevitable that as soon as you hear others coughing, sniffling, and sneezing, you think you're next. It all started when Sage caught up with colds last week. Monday night didn't help him when he begged to stay a little longer in the tub and the very same night, Sage coughed his way up to bed. Poor little child and who knows where he got it from. It could be coming from anything, but the only thing I could think of right now is him being so friendly with our puppy, Blitzen. He likes to share his toys with the puppy and as a toddler, he puts everything in his mouth. Being the only person with Sage all day, everyday, it is possible that I've gotten the colds from him.

It's not the worst thing but it's not the good thing either to be sick like this. It restricted me from doing anything, especially Black Friday shopping this year. Of all things, shopping is one the best things I love to do on earth and it felt really different to not being able to do it, especially good deals were out there for grabs. But I came to think of it that I don't need anything. My husband told me that I bought things for myself that three people could use, that I don't even used them at all. And you know what, he was right. And when he said that, It helped me a little better feeling sad about not able to shop on Black Friday.

Nonetheless, I was able to put up our christmas tree on Thanksgiving night, despite of the condition I am in these days. A huge "thank you" goes to my parents for keeping Sage for us. It's the best time to do something like this without our 2 year old son in the house. Someday, he can help momma setting up the tree and I'm sure he would love it. I took few shots of our christmas ornaments. These are old, same ones we used last year. Enjoy!

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Shabem® said...

Yay, finally it's up without Sage ha, LOL. My favorite is the white boot. Gorgeous ornaments!
Enjoy the holiday season!