confessions of a young mother.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He's back to work. Thank God!

Last week was pretty intense. My husband, Robin injured his back from jumping off the stairs. It sounds silly and stupid that he did it to entertain our 18-month old son. I'm sure there are other ways to play with Sage right now. He took 3 days off from work and one of those days was spent to visit the doctor. Thank God, he has gotten better with the medication they gave him and was able to go back to work on Thursday. When Robin was home and not being able to do anything, I felt like looking after two children. I had to fed him in bed that took about 45minutes, because he couldn't stand at all. I had to admit, he was worst to feed than the baby. Not that I don't like taking care of my husband, but I have never seen an adult acting like a baby. Sage, our beautiful and cute son is 18 months and I get my hands full with just him. One thing I was proud about Robin, his situation didn't stop him from playing with Sage. He couldn't say "No" to our cute little angel and still was able to do things with him. here is a video of Sage and Robin doing the "rock band thing." y'all might want to turn up your volume with this: