confessions of a young mother.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Under The Weather

It's inevitable that as soon as you hear others coughing, sniffling, and sneezing, you think you're next. It all started when Sage caught up with colds last week. Monday night didn't help him when he begged to stay a little longer in the tub and the very same night, Sage coughed his way up to bed. Poor little child and who knows where he got it from. It could be coming from anything, but the only thing I could think of right now is him being so friendly with our puppy, Blitzen. He likes to share his toys with the puppy and as a toddler, he puts everything in his mouth. Being the only person with Sage all day, everyday, it is possible that I've gotten the colds from him.

It's not the worst thing but it's not the good thing either to be sick like this. It restricted me from doing anything, especially Black Friday shopping this year. Of all things, shopping is one the best things I love to do on earth and it felt really different to not being able to do it, especially good deals were out there for grabs. But I came to think of it that I don't need anything. My husband told me that I bought things for myself that three people could use, that I don't even used them at all. And you know what, he was right. And when he said that, It helped me a little better feeling sad about not able to shop on Black Friday.

Nonetheless, I was able to put up our christmas tree on Thanksgiving night, despite of the condition I am in these days. A huge "thank you" goes to my parents for keeping Sage for us. It's the best time to do something like this without our 2 year old son in the house. Someday, he can help momma setting up the tree and I'm sure he would love it. I took few shots of our christmas ornaments. These are old, same ones we used last year. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lights Up for Christmas

Christmas 2007 - Duerr Residence, Most Traditional

Giving and receiving gifts are the most wonderful things on earth during the christmas season. But the most I love are the christmas lights. Last year, we were one of the few who were given awards by the homeowners club for dressing up our lawn. Nothing says Christmas like a house all aglow in white mini lights, that's why we decided to light up the whole house last year... It really made me feel good just by looking at the lights...We got home one night and saw a sign on the front yard that said " Most Traditional." Having given the award, felt really great and rewarding considering that people recognized the effort, time and not to mention the money we invested on christmas decorations. For our house, It took 3 full days to have the house completely dressed with white lights. It was all worth it... In a few weeks from now, we will have the wonder of lights workin' up again for this year's holiday season. But all that will be done after an electrician will come and check few of our outlets that needed to be changed. Last year, we have hundreds of lights working around the house that some of our outlets are now unfunctional. The circuit breaker needs to be checked or we might have to get a new one this time because I just bought more lights and more outdoor decorations today... I can't believe I just did, I don't even have anymore space in the storage that we were renting for almost two years now. But checking the breaker is the first thing to do, I want to make sure that I will not go overload of elecrtical power this time. I hope this christmas will be as good as last year.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama, A Celebrity Around the Globe

After a year-long race, a historical and an overwhelming victory was witnessed by billions of people around the world. Talking about from Japan to Hawaii, from Rome to Baghdad, the world is watching Obama sparked the night of Tuesday, November 4, 2008. Having earned 349 electoral votes, Obama will be the 44th, yet the 1st African-American President of this great country. The dream of every single African-American is now realized when Obama was announced the winner against republican candidate John McCain. No one can deny that 100% of theses people have supported the new president. Overjoyed by the victorious win, many supporters of Obama got emotional. Children and adults, specially the African-American group are overly happy about the victory that some of them have shed their tears of joy. These people are obviously looking forward to a better future with this man they have chosen to govern the country. Who doesn't? Everyone is after about the good future for our country but is this really going to happen with Obama? Is United States of America ready for him? Was Barack Obama born to do this? Well, he's got 4 years to prove it and fulfill every promises he dared to give to these people. On the lossers side, my father-in-law was not very happy of the result at all and I know he's not the only one out there. I am not a political person myself, but I would say let's give the new president a chance to rule this country and when he fails, then we can say "I TOLD YOU SO..." Some quoted Obama "the perfect man for the country" this has got me to be anxious about and I can't wait how this "s0-called-perfect-man" will perform. As I said, he's got the next four years. And by the way, there is no such thing as PERFECT! Congratulations President elect Obama! All my respect to you!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Golden Man

Time flew so rapidly fast and even up to this very day, I refuse to accept that my dad is officially 50 years old. Not that he shouldn't be getting old, but he just doesn't look old to be a 50 year- old man. Now, that he has reached the golden years of his life, does that mean that he'll soon grow gray hair? I could not imagine my dad having those dark hair turn into gray. I wonder what he would look like when that time comes?
So, anyway, we gave him a big and a memorable party right from the comfort of his own backyard. Guests after guests arrived as the party was going on. Dad wore a big smile all night that goes all the way up to his ears. We had a long table of Filipino dishes, two delicious mocha cakes and more sweet course for everyone that night. We had too much food leftover, that all of our guests were happy to take home some of it. Having more food is better than not having enough for your guests. It was a nice way to end the party that way because I believed that when our guests left the party, they talked nothing but how successful the party was and how great the fact that they got to take home the food that will last them days without cooking. *wink*

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Arr... Said The Pirate.

Friday night was a whole lot of fun for us going trick or treating around the neighborhood with our little pirate, Sage. Yes, as the mother, I decided that Sage was going to be a pirate this year's halloween. I was so relieved and happy when the costume came on the mail just few days before halloween, but the feeling didn't last that long. Just as we were about done dress rehearsing the pirate, a complain from the toddler himself was heard "mommy no this"... "no more pirate"... Bang! Bang! sounds like a shotgun fire to my eardrums. I can't believe what I was hearing! I was scared to death that he was not going to wear it on halloween night. Need not to mention the rushed shipping cost for the items(pirate costume and the pirate treat bag) so it would make it in time for halloween. I feared that the money spent was all for nothing. I feared that he's gonna blow it and left me all upset. Yet, luckily and thankfully things didn't end up that way as I thought it would be. I had this plan before halloween came: to make sure he gets his afternoon nap, so Sage won't get so cranky and moody, and boy, did it ever worked! yay, I felt really damn good! I felt like the happiest warm blooded human in the universe! Sage looked so adorable that night and I am sorry I can't deny that. Sometimes, people thinks that we tend to get bias when it comes to our own children. But he did look good... we got a lot of attention on the streets and from every houses that we wen to. The costume was a big hit in the neighborhood and so was his little pirate treat bag. One thing was fun, everytime Sage was asked "what did the pirate say" and Sage will say "ARR" with that cute scrushed up facial expression. And at the end of the night, we thought we had a really great halloween. I was really glad I made the right decision doing a lil' pirate makeover on my son. This time was a big difference from last years' that it is worth documenting... Have fun browsing through some of Sage's photos this halloween:

Sage on the runway!

got his boots on too!

the sad pirate, you know why? he's got the last
candy treasure on hand...

little make up

your neighborhood's pirate

the coolest pirate treat bag

and it's personalized!

Sage's long hair goes well with the pirate theme...