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Friday, July 4, 2008

my 20-month-old's social and emotional development

These past few days was a little rough for me. My lil' Sage is, I think, is now on the stage of his life they call TTs(terrible twos). Oh, how I wished it did not exist with him, but unfortunately it does! For instance, the eukelele.... I want to talk about this because Sage and his first "baby guitar" as what I'd like to call it, are just amazingly inseperable things I have ever seen on earth! The first thing he mouthed off when he wakes up is "guitar" and the last thing he wants in bed with him is "guitar." No matter how hard I tried to explain it that the "guitar" cannot go to bed with him is just not good enough for him. No! there was the BIG NO!!!... Here is another sign of TTs that I am seeing right now. Sage is really good in insisting on doing exactly what you've told him not to do or throw himself down on the floor or throw his head back in a fit of temper if he doesn't get his way. I can't believe I am saying this, but his demands just alternately frustrate and amuse me. At times, he likely ask for something that he deosn't even want, just to see if he has enough power to get it. hehehe... so tricky little Sage! Am I in for a big trip? because I think I am in the midst of the so called TTs... Dear Lord, please give me enough strength and patience to deal with this.
On the other side, Sage is really developing and so grown up despite the fact of him, being the uncontrollable one these days. My little toddler likes to try on daddy's shoes and anybody's sandals in the house. By stepping, literally, into the shoes shows that he's aware he is growing bigger and that he wants to be just like daddy. I also notice him pretend playing with his stuffed animals, with the birds, and with our puppy Blitzen. He'll take over the parenting role by feeding his stuffed bear while I am feeding him. Sometimes, I see him put the pacifier on to the stuffed toys mouth. He likes to share his milk with the birds as well. He goes "bird milk bird milk" or say "bird car bird" when he gets a new toy car. It's funny to see him like this but at the same time it is undeniably so cute! Pretend play is just a great example of imitation and a sign that Sage is learning how to empathize with others.
My 20-month-old is very affectionate. He likes to give me and Robin a hug as we watch him play. Sometimes, while I was lazily laying on the couch watching tv, he would run up to me and say "kiss mommy" and after I gave him the kiss he would then say "thank you".... One night, in our bedroom, Sage was trying to let himself fall by the edge of our bed. Robin told him don't or you will get a booboo. first he attempted and then stopped...he then said, "okay daddy, okay mommy, Okay...." hahaha.... things like this make us forget the first part of this entry. Here is a video of Sage just before bedtime.


Shemmy said...

This is such a cute video...At least he stays put on your bed ... as you can see my 2 year old is a gymnist ... she loves to just around and doesn't stay put ... Love the hair of you little one, by the way ... i wish one of my kids would turn out curly too...hehehe

Shabem® said...

Believe me my 5 year old boy is still doing the same thing Sage does. Having a child is quite a handful!
You have a budding musician there.
Anyway, I just added you!

Denise said...

I can't believe you had the audacity to plagiarize this from a very well known child development website!