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Thursday, August 7, 2008

"The Story Book"

Our little Sage never stop amazes us every single day. It was just last week when i started reading books to him before bedtime. Well, I did try reading with him when he was younger but really paid no attention to it. Now, he is hooked on it and has been asking for a story since then. It's been three nights that Sage asked me to read him stories before he goes to sleep. Three hours ago, my son has to remind me when we were laying down the bed. He goes "mommy, story book." And I was like, "oh yeah, where is that book?" I was saying it in a way that I didn't really forget about the bedtime story. His favorite book right now is "The Going To Bed Book" by Sandra Boynton. The story is simple, short, and full of interesting pictures perfect for his age. He never gets enough from one book after another. Even during nap time in the afternoon, Sage demands for a story time. I guess it is a good thing that he is interested with books right now. I hope and pray that he would carry that interest towards reading as he grows. Sage is 22 months today and in no time, he's going to be 2! He is a little uncontrollable, but overall he is really doing well. Lately, he's been memorizing the United States Presidents. And to everybody's surprise, Sage has the first nine Presidents stored in the memory bank right now. Thirty-four more Presidents' name to go!

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Shabem® said...

Who doesn't love bedtime stories. Isn't it amazing how kids learn things so quickly? They're very observant too. Good for Sage.
Ah life of a mother!